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      1. Qualtrics Core XM

        One platform for all your X-data

        Lay the right foundation for managing your stakeholder experiences. From customer insights to market segmentation to concept testing, Qualtrics CoreXM is the single solution for all of your experience data.

        Customer insights

        • Customer satisfaction
        • Relational NPS?
        • Transactional NPS?
        • Customer feedback surveys
        • Event feedback
        • and more

        R&D & product research

        • Product satisfaction & usage
        • Naming & concept testing
        • Pricing research
        • Feature & product prioritization
        • User experience

        Marketing & brand research

        • Brand awareness
        • Brand preference
        • Brand positioning
        • Brand health & equity research
        • Ad & messaging research
        • and more

        Strategy & planning

        • Market & opportunity assessment
        • Segmentation & targeting
        • Market sizing
        • Internal feedback
        • Simple polling
        • and more

        Centralize your feedback collection

        • Break down data silos and bring all your feedback data onto one platform - ensuring you build an end-to-end view of your stakeholder journey
        • Build a system of record for every piece of feedback from every respondent across every channel. Avoid over surveying, ensure high engagement rates and improve your quality of insights
        • Build a durable memory of all interactions with customer panels, targeted research, smart segmentation, and predictive analytics
        • Perfect your data collection, analysis, and reporting. Spend less time collating and cleaning survey responses and more time listening and acting on insights

        Loved by analysts. Adored by customers.

        Turn anyone into an insights expert

        Empower your employees with the tools they need to listen, understand and act on stakeholder feedback

        No PhD? No problem. Qualtrics XM Solutions take you from ideas to insights in a few simple steps. XM Solutions are expert-designed, self-guided workflows that allow you to find insights for the most common customer, employee, product, and brand use cases. Each solution features a guided workflow to customize the research and get results in minutes.

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        With Stats iQ, anyone can conduct sophisticated stats analysis - with no prior stats training. This powerful, built-in tool automatically chooses the right statistical test and gives you easy-to-understand results.

        Learn more

        Reading and manually tagging all your customers’ open text responses can be impossible.Let Text iQ use machine learning and natural language processing to read and understand those comments for you while providing sentiment scores, trend reports, and automated alerts.

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        ExpertReview is your always-on survey methodologist. Your survey’s automatic quality score serves up expert recommendations on how to make your project even better. See if you’re at risk of poor response rates or low data quality. Expert Review analyzes every question, project, and response in real-time, giving you complete confidence in your data.

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        Secure and integrated

        CoreXM Security

        Industry-leading security and Governance

        Give your teams powerful control for collecting, storing, and transmitting essential data. Keep your information safe and secure with enterprise-grade security, privacy, monitoring, and data access controls. And now it’s even easier to set custom policies around user access, sensitive data handling, and cost allocation.

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        XM Integrations

        Grow your research, not your team

        Close the data loop with 16 system-level integrations and dozens more through file transfer. It means data flows back and forth with your internal and external systems—no coding required. Plus, connect securely with the best technologies from Adobe Analytics, Marketo, Tableau, Salesforce and more with our seamless APIs.

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